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    Greg Wunz

    Greg Wunz

    Founder Of Wunz Efficiency

About Us

Greg Wunz, the owner of Wunz Efficiency, believes that one of the best approaches to increasing profitability, increasing morale and decreasing employee stress is to increase efficiency.

Since entering the civil engineering workforce as a surveyor in 1998, Greg has always worked to improve overall business efficiency. He enjoys analyzing a process and generating a solution to make the process as refined as possible. Once Greg learned how to create custom database applications, he knew that this was one of the best ways to improve any business.

Greg Wunz obtained his B.S. from the Pennsylvania State University School of Engineering in 2001. Both his engineering degree and his hands-on work in the civil engineering/surveying field have given Greg the capability to see how custom software can improve the way business is done in the civil/surveying world. Greg has had the opportunity to work for several different companies creating custom database applications for each one.

These databases range from small applications used to organize construction details too much larger and robust applications used for complete project management, work scheduling, billing and integration with QuickBooks®. Greg's experience in working for the Civil/Surveying industry and developing custom database applications gives him a unique skill set as a database developer.

Our office is located in Meridian, Idaho.

Personal Traits

  • Communicator
    Time Management
    Logical Thinker
    Problem Solver
    Strategic Planner
    Critical Thinker

My Skills

Web Developer
Software Team Leader
Project Manager

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