If you have a question not covered here please do contact us, we will be happy to answer it

If you are interested in employing our services, please send us an inquiry via our contact page and we can discuss your needs and arrive at an accurate estimate tailored to your specific project.

We typically require a deposit to engage in a project, with either milestone or monthly billing thereafter depending upon the scope and duration of work. The details of your payment schedule are clearly defined in advance, as are expected delivery dates for our services.

"Do you want a developer who works with you to develop that perfect solution and not simply a developer who puts the blinders on and only does what they are told to do?", "Do you want someone who asks questions and anaylizes your business to be sure what you are asking for is actually the correct solution?".

We will make any necessary corrections related to error messages as immediately as possible. Should you later decide you need additional functionality, we can assist you in additional programming at our normal rates.

We will do work for you throughout the world. Currently we have clients throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan, Netherlands and many places in between.

Site visits are not necessary. However, if you so desire or the complexity of the project demands a site visit, one will be arranged at your cost. Most of our work will be done through email, phone, Skype and screensharing technologies if needed, thereby saving you unnecessary expenses.

Although we concentrate on small to medium sized businesses, we have worked with larger organizations.

Yes. Training options are as follows: 1. Live training: Wunz Efficiency can train you over the phone, in person, or via a live webcast. 2. Prerecorded training: Wunz Efficiency produces a recording of the training and sends it to you as a video file to be viewed at your convenience. 3. Written training: Wunz Efficiency creates a support document for you to read through at your convenience.