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Filling in the knowledge gaps for investors and founders

Having been part of many startup teams, as either the technical founder, the CTO, or the outsourced technology partner, means we can aid stakeholders in knowing the unknown.

We are here to supplement and complement the team, bringing forth our many years in the field to make sure you avoid the mistakes others have made, indeed, the mistakes we ourselvse have made.

Services We Provide

A selection of some of the services we provide as an outside CTO Consultant.

Technical lead

Technical Lead

If you have a team of programmers, you will need someone who can lead them that speaks their language, as well as be a bridge to and for the non-technical founders. We have been the lead in many startups, where there has been a need for a leader to direct the team towards a common goal, where all team members need to work together in creating the solution. It is not just about coding, it is about building value, and co-ordinating the modular work done by developers fitting into the bigger picture.

Technical Advice

Technical Advice

Even if you do have a technical co-founder, you will still need someone who can provide guidance and advice. Of course you can acquire the knowledge yourself, but the startup world moves fast, opportunities today, are missed tomorrow, so you can speed things up by working with us.

Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap

A roadmap that seeks to add more value to the business as it is travelled upon, needs to make sure that it can attain the goals from a technical point of view. Can the software solution provide the required benefits from the proposed features? What is the most suitable language and framework? We can help you with this and many other questions, so that you can take the right road.

Employee and partner evaluation

Employee and Partner evaluation

When it is time to take on your first few employees, startups often lack the ability to fully assess the technical competence and suitability of the candidate to aid in pushing the startup forward. We can evaluate the candidates, making sure that the candidate has the required knowledge and skill-set, thus ensuring that the best possible fit is accomplished.

Technical due diligence

Technical Due Diligence

Investors will need to implement due diligence on a startup before investing, but may well lack the in-house experts and may not be technology experts themselves in order to implement the technical evaluation. We provide investors with a complete assessment, highlighting risks and opportunities, legacy issues, scalability, code quality, security and compliance, open source and third party issues, limitations and potential roadblocks down the line.


What Our Clients Said

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W. Russell Clark, PLS, CFedS President Clark Land Surveying, Inc. Colorado Springs, CO

Wunz Efficiency took me from the dry erase board to the cloud! Convincing crotchety old guys like me that don’t like computers, that custom software is exponentially easier, cost effective and productive is a real challenge. Getting us past that has helped us both explode in growth! Thanks!

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Kerry A. Uhler & Associates, Inc. Bellefonte, PA

Simply stated, the program you created for us is the biggest time saver for our small business. We can now complete the invoicing process from start to finish in four hours instead of 10. Plus it makes it so much easier to track the progress and status of our projects.

Client image
Anthony Crowley, Crowley surveying

With Wunz Efficiency we have the freedom to add features and custom reports without having to wait a whole year for the next version of a product to come out. Most companies don’t respond to feature requests unless a lot of users ask for it.

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