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Our clients have come to us with great business ideas, but lack a technical co-founder to build the solution. Non-technical founders will not have the necessary experience and knowledge in order to develop the software, which is where we come in. This is where we step in. With our ample experience in not only building startups for or clients, but also boot-strapping our own startups, we know the road that lies ahead, warts and all.

We bring with us many years of experience in development methodology, most suitable programming languages for the required objectives, stacks, frameworks, architecture and hosting solutions. You also have the additional benefit of keeping your equity.

Our Approach

Our tried and tested approach in creating the tech, has been implemented countless times as we perform the tasks required of a tech co-founder. So, you bring the business idea, we'll bring the tech.

Initial assessment

Initial assessment

We will assess your idea by communicating with you as well as communicating with relevant sector specific partners. The objective is to prioritise what needs to be done in order to bring an MVP to the market.



We define what the deliverables are, and what is needed to get the product in the market as quickly as possible, so as to test assumptions and validate hypotheses. We will come to an agreement whereby the compensation is either remuneration or part remuneration / part equity.

Technical Roadmap

Technical Roadmap

We define the required value the product has to be bring, and thus the features that need to be present. Milestones are formed, and a timeframe is set. We understand that startups need to be able to be modified quickly, need to be able to scale quickly, and need a reliable framework, so we have one eye on the present, and one on the future.

MVP Production

MVP Production

Using Lean and Agile development methodology, we sprint during the production process while staying in constant contact with you. This ensures that we operate in a lean time and capital efficient manner, in an iterative manner, while also creating the product you desire. This phase covers not only the mockup designs but upon approval of the mockups, prototyping and the actual product as well.

Testing and Deployment

Testing and Deployment

We will stress-test the product, as well as making sure that the required benefits and value needed from the MVP are in place, and in working order before we deploy it.

Build measure learn


Feeback from stakeholders, and notably customers will be used in iterations to the product in frequent cycles, as we gather data, analyse, and then make the appropriate modifications seeking product-market fit.

Post release

Post Release

Depending on the agreement we can either continue to be your technical co-founder or we can step aside if you have someone else in mind. Either way, we are only a phone call away from providing further advice, guidance or modifications.


What Our Clients Said

Client image
Kerry A. Uhler & Associates, Inc. Bellefonte, PA

Simply stated, the program you created for us is the biggest time saver for our small business. We can now complete the invoicing process from start to finish in four hours instead of 10. Plus it makes it so much easier to track the progress and status of our projects.

Client image
W. Russell Clark, PLS, CFedS President Clark Land Surveying, Inc. Colorado Springs, CO

Wunz Efficiency took me from the dry erase board to the cloud! Convincing crotchety old guys like me that don’t like computers, that custom software is exponentially easier, cost effective and productive is a real challenge. Getting us past that has helped us both explode in growth! Thanks!

Client image
Anthony Crowley, Crowley surveying

With Wunz Efficiency we have the freedom to add features and custom reports without having to wait a whole year for the next version of a product to come out. Most companies don’t respond to feature requests unless a lot of users ask for it.

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