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Our software has been designed by professionals in the field, so it meets the needs and objectives of land surveyors rather than a bloated project management solution, that fails to address the unique needs land surveyors have in managing their projects.

One-size fits all project management applications do not provide a holistic solution, so rather than a complete solution to aid you, you have to either put up with it, change the way you work, or hack your own precarious workaround.

Some of the benefits of our project management application for land surveyors

Project management

Project Management

Our application is a beginning to end solution that is uniquely tailored for land surveyors. The various facets that go into making land surveying projects different from other projects are catered for. Priorities can be set, time and resources can be allocated, accountability is prevalent, and finances are managed, bringing about an increase in efficiency.

Crew and Individual Employee Scheduling

Delegation of tasks, and the time permitted to implement those tasks can now be planned and accounted for. You can make sure that individuals know how their work fits into the bigger picture, while ensuring no one has too much, or too little on their plate. You know what tasks the crew and individual employees have done, are doing, and will do. They know as well.

Crew employee scheduling
Budget Management

Budget management

Managing project budgets is imperative, for the need to stay within budget is a high priority. With our software, you can keep track of expenditure: how much, when, and what on.

Client Management

Clients need to be kept informed and up to date in regards to their projects. Our project management application for land surveyors puts you in a position to speak with clarity and accuracy when communicating and updating clients. They are in the know, because you are in the know.

Client management


Our application has been built in order to seamlessly integrate with the applications land surveyors constantly use, so you will find integration with Quick Books ®, Microsoft Word ®, and Google Earth ® a breeze.



What Our Clients Said

Client image
W. Russell Clark, PLS, CFedS President Clark Land Surveying, Inc. Colorado Springs, CO

Wunz Efficiency took me from the dry erase board to the cloud! Convincing crotchety old guys like me that don’t like computers, that custom software is exponentially easier, cost effective and productive is a real challenge. Getting us past that has helped us both explode in growth! Thanks!

Client image
Kerry A. Uhler & Associates, Inc. Bellefonte, PA

Simply stated, the program you created for us is the biggest time saver for our small business. We can now complete the invoicing process from start to finish in four hours instead of 10. Plus it makes it so much easier to track the progress and status of our projects.

Client image
Anthony Crowley, Crowley surveying

With Wunz Efficiency we have the freedom to add features and custom reports without having to wait a whole year for the next version of a product to come out. Most companies don’t respond to feature requests unless a lot of users ask for it.

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