Custom Project Management Software For Manufacturers

Allocate Supplies & Personnel, Manage Risk & Resources

Having created project management systems for manufacturing teams in a multitude of industries, we are well versed in creating customized solutions that provide a number of benefits.

Those benefits have directly aided better project management.

Benefits Of Our Custom Project Management Software For Manufacturers

Increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency

By having all the data in one place, you can manage a project far more efficiently. This ability to plan, view and analyse all the variables promotes a more structure approach to not only managing a project, but keeping it on time and within budget.

Resource Management

You can manage your resources in an optimised manner by scheduling when they can be used in conjunction with each other. No more waiting around for things that are dependent on each other in order to execute a process. You know the resources you have at any moment, and what they can be used on.

Resource management
Real time updates

Real-Time Updates

The more a project has been planned before it commences the less chance of things going off the rails, but you need to be aware that what has been planned is happening when it is meant to happen. Now you can track the projects progression at every step making sure it is being implemented as efficiently as possible, rather than deviating.


From the initial estimates to the actual cost of implementing the project, you now have complete transparency and accountability. From this you are now able to make sure that costs are within budget, and that things are accounted for, as you have planned for, and are now executing a project at a granular level.

Collaboration & communication

Collaboration & Communication

Team members need to know what they have to do, and what others need to do. When executing a project they need to be able to collaborate with each other in order to implement the tasks required of them if they are dependent on each other. For this reason, there can be no collaboration if there is no communication. Our software lets each team member know where others are at.


What Our Clients Said

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W. Russell Clark, PLS, CFedS President Clark Land Surveying, Inc. Colorado Springs, CO

Wunz Efficiency took me from the dry erase board to the cloud! Convincing crotchety old guys like me that don’t like computers, that custom software is exponentially easier, cost effective and productive is a real challenge. Getting us past that has helped us both explode in growth! Thanks!

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Anthony Crowley, Crowley surveying

With Wunz Efficiency we have the freedom to add features and custom reports without having to wait a whole year for the next version of a product to come out. Most companies don’t respond to feature requests unless a lot of users ask for it.

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Kerry A. Uhler & Associates, Inc. Bellefonte, PA

Simply stated, the program you created for us is the biggest time saver for our small business. We can now complete the invoicing process from start to finish in four hours instead of 10. Plus it makes it so much easier to track the progress and status of our projects.

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