Project Info

  • Industry: Land Surveying
  • Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Clark Land Surveying Case Study

Project Overview

Clark Land Surveying started out using prepackaged project management software. While it worked well for their initial needs, they eventually realized the limitations of prepackaged software. Only project information was tracked by the software, while they required client tracking as well. In addition, an uncomplicated alternative to the dry erase boards used for project scheduling was desired.


To solve the project scheduling issue, intricate Excel spreadsheets were created in an attempt to fulfill their needs. However, it was quickly realized that even though the Excel spreadsheets were adequate, limitations inhibited overall efficiency.

The Finished Product

The initial project for Clark Land Surveying involved creating a program that allowed them to keep track of all their projects, clients and scheduling in one centralized location. This preliminary phase greatly reduced both scheduling errors and time spent organizing job and client information. Once this phase of the software was created and deployed, the benefit and value of software created specifically for their needs was quickly realized.

Clark Land Surveying was soon finding new ways to have the software customized to make the company even more productive. Scheduling functionality was expanded to meet changing requirements. Functions were added to automatically generate word documents including faxes and letters.

Taking custom programming to the next level, Clark Land Surveying had their custom software integrated with QuickBooks. Data entry into one customized program capable of syncing with QuickBooks, eliminated data entry into two different databases (i.e. one for project management and one for billing/accounting) creating another giant leap in efficiency.

Eventually, Clark Land Surveying required access to their data from anywhere in the world. The software was not initially designed for this functionality, but this new ability was simply added to the customizable program.

Benefits Of The Project

There was no reason to discard an old program (along with the time and money invested) and start over with a brand new program. Consequently, additional training was unnecessary as the user interface remained unchanged.

By embracing the concept of a truly customized program to meet specific requirements, Clark Land Surveying has become more efficient and productive even in a challenging economy.

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