Project Info

  • Industry: Land Surveying
  • Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Time Tracker Case Study

Project Overview

This project involved adding functionality to a program that Wunz Efficiency had previously created. The client needed a better way to keep track of employee hours and hours billed to projects.


  •    Provide an easy to use time tracker program that integrated with their existing project management software already created by Wunz Efficiency.
  •    Provide the ability to filter time by employee.
  •    Provide the ability to filter time by employee type.
  •    Provide the ability to filter time by project.
  •    Provide the ability to filter time by project type.
  •    Eliminate hand-writing employee time down on paper and entering it manually into Excel spreadsheets.
  • The Finished Product

    This function was easily added to the existing software. Employees are now able to enter their time using several methods to improve efficiency. Various reports are then created that make excellent use of this information.

  •    Reports listing time by employee were perfect for creating paychecks.
  •    Reports displaying the time by employee type allowed the client to see what each employee type was charging to each job.
  •    Reports showing the time by project aided in creating invoices.
  •    Generate a report that showed time by the type of job. This report helped in creating estimates for future work of the same job type and could help compare profits for different types of jobs.
  • Benefits Of The Project

    The added functionality allowed the client to complete the invoicing process in less than half the time it normally took to complete. Some of the reports aided in creating more accurate estimates. Since all hours are tracked in the program, time can be properly billed and not lost in the shuffle of paperwork.

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